Consulting Support......when you need it
If you need support now then you can connect with one of our Consultants and start the process using our Consulting Support service. Simply select one of the options below for the type of support request you have and submit the form.

Make sure you provide as much information as you can as this will assist us in allocating the support request to the right consultant. We aim to respond to your initial request within 4 - 6 hours

What can you expect ?
  • An experienced and professional Excel Consultant that will listen
  • Email support and if required direct Phone support
  • Screen Sharing sessions to step through the problem and get to a solution fast
Select from one of the following standard support services offered for purchase. 

Starter Pack (2 hours)
  • If you are not sure exactly what type of support you need but you know that you would like to talk directly to a consultant to answer your question, then select this option and purchase the minimum Consulting Support hours.

Installation Support (2 hours)
  • This includes analysis into any errors being reported on product installation. 
  • Where required the consultant will screen share with the customer to resolve the issue. 
  • It may require specific modification to a product for a customers environment

Introduction & Walkthrough (2 hours)
  • If you have purchased an XLAutomation product you will have seen the details on our website and potentially any video guides.
  • For a more in depth and personal walk through one of our consultants will use screen sharing to lead you through each key function of your product and explain how to get the most out of it

Setup & Configuration (5 hours)
While our products are designed for simple setup, some customers may want assistance in configuring the workbook to ensure they start off on the right foot
  • The consultant will start with a series of questions to determine what information you currently have and then work out the simplest way to include it to your product.
  • Any initial setup and configuration of the product will be completed by the consultant based on your input.
  • Some products have automation functionality that requires configuration with other services. The consultant will configure the product to work using your account details of any related services.

Customise a Product (10 hours)
If you believe some additional functionality to one of our Products will enhance it's usefulness in your business then this service can deliver that.
  • The consultant will request a list of changes you are looking to include to your product.
  • An analysis of those changes will then performed and confirmed with you.
  • Depending on the effort involved to deliver those changes the consultant will develop and deliver the new functions for testing.
Note: If the effort involved exceeds the purchase Consulting Support hours then the customers approval is required to proceed.