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XLAutomation is always trying to improve our products. Let us know where you think Message Blaster could be improved or a problem you are facing when using the product. It could be a new feature or function that you have seen in another product or an idea that would add value or make a task much quicker.

As part of every new product release the development team will review the suggested improvements and include those that are possible and relevant to the planned future product development. Use the form below to suggest your improvement.

Current list of improvements

Provided below is a list of the current suggestions that have been received from customers

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Customer Testimonials

"Understanding our problem, what we needed to achieve and working through the development phase, testing and retesting produced a fit for purpose outcome." 
Keith Carroll, Managing Director
Alimak Hek Pty Ltd

"The level of attention we received to thoroughly understanding our requirements was excellent. The final product perfectly fulfilled those requirements & the steps & support taken to get to the end result were efficient & effective." 
Richard Lamport, Managing Director
Kalgin International Freight Services

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