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  1. Help Guidance and Videos included to each Workbook or available on the Website
  2. Ask a Question, complete our Support Contact form for specific questions
  3. Need more Support, we offer consulting support for installation assistance, product questions and workbook customisation. Consulting Support Contact for more details.
Note: Phone support for product questions is only provided when you select one of the paid Consulting Support options. Email Support is offered free of charge through our "Ask a Question" Support Contact form.

Overview of "VBA Scrambler"

The security offered through Microsoft Excel is weak and VB project passwords can easily be broken using password breaking utilities available online. VBA Scrambler does not attempt to improve or replace that security.....rather it helps you make your VBA code unreadable to the human eye and as a result worthless to anyone trying to copy and replicate your hard work.

While the VBA Scrambler will not stop a malicious attempt to steal your VB code.....it will discourage the copy and re-use of your code as the scrambled version of your Excel VBA Project will take hours of review to understand your logic and then re-use it. Without VBA Scrambler the Excel VBA Project can be opened and reviewed for understanding in minutes following your existing comments and logic. 
  1. The scrambling process will remove all comments, blank lines, additional spaces and change all procedure names to meaningless names.
  2. A new workbook is created for each scramble this ensures the development version is not impacted.
  3. Statistics are reported on the number of comments, blanks lines and procedure name changes that have occurred
  4. The amount of scrambling can be changed as required. In some cases you can elect only to remove comments and blank lines, leaving the procedure names unchanged
VBA Scrambler Screen Grab

Compatibility with Windows

Compatibility Note: Before purchasing one of our Products make sure your system is compatible with our Excel Products

Operating System: Windows Only, no support for MAC OS
Microsoft Office: Office 2007 and above
Enable Macros: All our workbooks require Macro's to be enabled and trusted

Installing VBA Scrambler

After the purchase of VBA Scrambler you are provided with a "Download" link to download an installation file. You are also provided with a Serial Number to use during the product activation. Ensure that you keep a hard copy of your Serial Number for later use
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After clicking on the "Download Now" link the "VBA Scrambler.xls" file will be saved to your desktop. Select an appropriate location for the workbook to stored. Once saved double click on the file to start VBA Scrambler.

Before running VBA Scrambler

Before you scramble a VBA workbook you must first ensure that the workbook you are going to scramble is unlocked. VBA scrambler needs access to the code modules of your workbook and can only do this when no password is set.
VBA Scramble no password

For VBA scrambler to access the codes modules we must also "Trust access to the VBA project object model". To set this you must access the setting through Excel Options -> Trust Centre -> Trust Centre Settings -> Macro Settings

Trust Access VBA Scrambler

Start VBA Scrambler

VBA Scrambler Control Menu
After opening VBA Scrambler, select the "Scramble" worksheet and then then "Start VBA Scrambler" button. The following Control Menu will be displayed.

Simply select a file for scrambling and select the options and select "Scramble Now" to start the process.

After Scrambling

After Scrambling is Complete
Once the scramble routine is completed an audit report is displayed on the "Scramble" worksheet. A message indicating the new workbook that has been created with the scrambled code is shown.

From this point testing of the new workbook should be performed to make sure that the functionality has been maintained through the translation process.

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