Excel Consulting  with a difference

Our experienced consultants are Excel Experts providing solutions for clients from all over the world. Clients contact us for assistance with Excel Formulas, VBA macros, Excel Charts and Reporting, Customised Excel Spreadsheets or Excel Applications.

At XLAutomation you deal directly with the consultant responsible for building your solution from start to finish.  We believe this communication is crucial to understanding exactly what you want to achieve, and is an ongoing part of the consultation throughout the development and testing phases. As a result a clear set of requirements are agreed upon and we can guarantee to achieve your desired outcome. In addition we will also add value to your business and empower you to explore the world of office automation through Microsoft Excel.

Our customers tell us that we constantly exceed their expectations in the development of automated Excel solutions.

"There are no projects too big or small"

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Our team of Excel Experts are ready to work with you every step of the way.
The key differences that you can expect with an XLAutomation consulting project are...
  • Constant communication and status updates on progress 
  • Maximized automation to deliver the greatest benefit to your business 
  • Attention to detail ensures that all aspects of your solution are meet the requirements and work 
  • On Time and On Budget. Once a project is defined we guarantee the time and budget for delivery 
  • Our team of Microsoft Office specialists have over 25 years experience in software automation
For more details about our 7 step Consulting Process, a structured approach to ensure our clients are looked after in a professional manner from initial contact to final completion, project delivery and following support

Some recent Excel Consulting Projects...

Dashboard Report
A very common request is to translate existing sales and budget data into a dashboard report for management review. Using Excel, data is firstly consolidated and then graphically displayed to provide insights into business performance. We work with our clients to create custom design and interactive flexible reporting.

Job Scheduling
Many businesses operate from a schedule of jobs. Knowing what jobs are underway, nearing completion or planned to start can be a complex process and is critical to maximize efficiency. 

An example of a job scheduling project completed by our team was for a kitchen design company.  They came to us needing a solution to calculate the next available time slot for a new job and schedule those activities into a calender for his staff to work from.

Here's what Adam from T&T Kitchen Designs had to say about our consulting services. 

"The team at XLAutomation understood my very vague description and transferred it into the perfect result with ease and attention to detail. A great result, well done..!!" - Adam, T&T Kitchen Designs 

Stock Exchange Wall
Client Share Tracker
For this project the client required a customer Excel solution that would track share portfolios and provide real time trading updates through their broker. We developed a complete application using Excel forms, reports and web queries.