Dashboard Reporting your data at a glance
Dashboard reporting is a management tool that measures and presents critical data on your key business performance areas in summary form. Our Consultants work with Microsoft Excel which in the right hands can be a very effective data visualisation tool. This gives you the ability to view your key information on a single page of reports ready to compare at a glance. Save time with fully interactive charts updated automatically.  Look professional at staff or client meetings with quick access to important trends or sales performance figures.
excel dashboard report

Most importantly you can use Dashboard Reporting to keep your finger on the pulse and know your business. A well set up and designed dashboard will not only point to what's working in your business but will highlight areas of performance that need attention. Make better decisions quicker with new levels of insight and understanding of your business.

"What gets measured gets done"...

The dashboard can be used to create accountability.
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How XLAutomation can help with your Dashboard Reporting...

Setting up your framework  
We specialise in data analysis and reporting through the use of Microsoft Excel. Tell us what is the most important information you want to see at a glance and we'll use our expertise to set up the framework of your Dashboard reporting tool. This will include taking your 'raw' transactional data and translating it into a rich set of reports that emphasize areas of performance to focus on. 

Once this framework is established the result is time saved. No more wasting valuable hours comparing different data from numerous reports received over many days. This will be automatically done for you and made into a series of reports updated instantly and ready to view on your dashboard.   

Custom layout and design
To make the most out of your Dashboard Reporting a well thought-out design and layout is extremely important. We create dashboards that flow logically displaying a summary at the top with a mix of visual charts and clear headlines. Followed below by more specific details. 

Our Excel consultants will work with you to customise your dashboard layout. Creative use of colours, combined with a variety of charts and pivot tables will achieve the right balance in order to keep it clean and simple to visualise and use.

If you have large amounts of data the first page of your dashboard can be a summary which includes a navigation bar to direct the user to more detailed pages. Visual messages can be added for example "2013 Sales person of the year is..." 

Dynamic flexible Reporting
Successful companies are always looking for ways to adapt and change quickly in order to grow.  XLAutomation will design your Dashboard Reporting in a way that makes it fully interactive giving you the flexibility to make instant updates, filters and changes to your reports.  Your Dashboard will also make the addition of newly created reports quick and easy as your business changes and expands.