Excel Applications
Developed with Familiar and Convenient Controls 

Our customers are often amazed at what can be achieved using Microsoft Excel, and the applications we develop become a fundamental aspect of their business operations. As a result we design your Custom Excel Application to enhance your level of usability and speed of navigation, selection, data input, and printing with familiar and convenient controls such as:
  • Selection buttons
  • Drop-downs
  • Dialog boxes
  • Custom Menus and Toolbars
  • multi list boxes
Enhanced functionality for a deeper analytical understanding of your business

The enhanced functionality of an Excel application, using multi-select list box's, the full power of formula's and Excels reporting capabilities allows you to gain a deeper analytical understanding of your business. 

Delivered with Maximum Automation to reduce manual effort

We want to help your business work smarter, increase productivity and save time to focus on business growth. At XLAutomation we develop Excel Applications with custom macros to automate repetitive manual processes like data calculation, file export/import, reporting & interfacing, data entry and more. This not only speeds up every day tasks but reduces the possibility of entry or process errors.

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Examples of Familiar and Convenient Controls using Excel as an Application 

Menu Button
excel application button examples

A standard feature in all applications is a menu or control button. These are available in Excel Applications and can include images or text to help the user understand what functionality is available.

Drop Down
drop down menu

Drop Down menus and selections are another common feature in applications. These can be used to improve consistent data entry as part of reporting selections.

Report Selections

Once the data entry and update is completed for an application the full power of Excel's reporting capabilities can be used to display the key information.

List Box

The display of data and the ability to show large lists is an important aspect of all applications. An Excel Application can provide that functionality showing the total number of items and the one selected from a list.

Multi-Select List Box

To extend the application functionality it may require the ability to select multiple items from a list box and then update those records.