Custom Job Scheduler...built just for you

We understand every company runs their production and fit-out a little differently 

"Custom Job Scheduler" allows you, the person who knows the most about your companies operations, to have a say in how your business could best benefit from Job Scheduling Software. 

What jobs need scheduling in your business?
Installation, or all of the above?

For a one-off price of only $895 (AUD) you get a Job Scheduling Solution that will automate your existing business process and enable your team to focus on your customers rather than the complex job of planning what they should do next. One of our consultants will discuss your specific process and then configure the Job Scheduling Solution ready for testing.

Key Features of the Custom Job Scheduler
  • Automated calculation of scheduled activities and forecast job completion
  • Categorise activities between the Office and Workshop to identify which team is responsible for the next step
  • Ability to specify holidays, office closure and specific days on which some activities cannot be performed
  • Scheduling to take into account jobs already scheduled, to ensure no overlaps on key activities
  • Re-schedule jobs when external delays occur or as a result of customer changes
  • Reporting to create colour coded Summary and Detailed calendars for staff to see at a glance the activities for all Jobs.

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How do I get started ?
  1. Use the form above to submit your email address to our team.
  2. We will send you a short questionnaire to complete. This helps us to understand your existing process and how the Job Scheduling Solution can be configured to work in your business.
  3. Once we receive the completed questionnaire one of our consultants will be in contact to discuss your responses and start the design process to plan the implementation of the solution.
  4. In most cases the Job Scheduling Solution can be configured to work with an existing process. In others further development may be required to achieve specific functionality for a business. If this is needed the consultant will discuss that with you and detail any additional development effort that might be required.
  5. The consultant will then create a proposal for your approval that will include an outline of your process and how it will be configured within the Job Scheduling Solution and also any additional development effort and cost required to achieve specific functionality.
  6. Following your approval of the proposal and payment of a 50% deposit we will confirm a start date and planned end date for the supply of a working prototype for you to test.
  7. Typically testing of a prototype proceeds through a number of versions. During that time there is regular communication between you and the consultant to make sure we are on the right track and to clarify and validate any questions.
  8. Once you are happy that the prototype is complete, we request full payment for the remaining project costs and then supply you with a final version of the Job Scheduling Solution for use.
  9. Following the project completion date you will receive one months free support to assist with any issues

How long does this process take ?

Configuration only - No new Features
From start to finish a standard configuration of the Job Scheduling Solution can be completed within 14 days. This assumes the client is ready and available for feedback and testing of the prototypes.

New Features & Configuration
For these projects the time required is dependent on the new features requested. The duration for these projects can be anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.

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View a
Job Scheduling (case study) of a Custom solution created for a client with a need to automate the scheduling of jobs for their kitchen design business.