Excel Spreadsheets...software that works
To give our customers a head start we have developed a number of Excel Spreadsheets based on commonly requested solutions. The spreadsheets are a quick and simple way to extend the basic capability of Excel. Each spreadsheet has been designed with functionality that increases efficiency and automation. The spreadsheets are grouped into categories and can be purchased by following the links below.

Share Trade Tracker
 - From $9(AUD) per month
Automated spreadsheet to store and track the performance of your Share Portfolio. Providing automated security price updates and Historical dashboard reports.

vba scrambler free trial

VBA Scrambler - code protection 
- $29 (AUD)
It is almost impossible to protect against a malicious attempt to steal your VBA code. With VBA Scrambler if someone does manage to access your code it will take them significantly longer to understand your logic after it is scrambled.

Quote Generator
 - $37 (AUD)
A simple and effective spreadsheet to create, manage and track quotations for your customers. The workbook will store customer details, product descriptions and costs.

To Do List

To Do List Pro
 - $19 (AUD)
Achieve better time management with this easy to use spreadsheet to keep track of and prioritise your daily tasks. Includes clear due date warnings, custom sort by options, and the ability to add or delete To Do items with the click of a button.