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Message Blaster provides "One Click" communication with your Customers and Clients. Imagine a simple yet powerful system that automatically sends SMS and eMail, without manual intervention.....that system is Message Blaster. 
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Message Blaster is an Excel application
 that integrates your existing Customer and Client information. Then based on a series of default templates or custom templates the system will enable you to send bulk SMS or eMail messages to those Customers and Clients. The system also provides the ability to "Mail Merge" the Customer and Client information with Word templates for Letters and Labels.

The use of this single system for all your Customer and Client communication will save hours of wasted effort in extracting, formatting and distribution of your communications. Message Blaster manages the whole process and makes simple it to quickly  effectively communicate.

Built for Tupperware Owners
The version of Message Blaster provided on this page has been specifically built for Tupperware owners. It has custom templates and import formats designed to extract directly from TupperNet. Once Message Blaster is setup you can begin sending SMS and eMail messages to your demonstrators.

Here is a presentation that demonstrates how a Tupperware Owner can use Message Blaster to communicate with demonstrators or any other group of contacts.

Before you get started
To effectively use Message Blaster you need some things in place to make the start up process as simple as possible
    1. Computer running Windows 7 or later Operating System (Note: Message Blaster will not run on a MAC)
    2. Microsoft Office 2007 or later
    3. Valid eMail account used for sending SMS and eMail from Message Blaster
    4. Signup to an SMS provider service that allows sending of SMS via "eMail to SMS Service"
For more details on Message Blaster setup you can refer to the Message Blaster User GuideIt includes more detailed information on each of the setup activities as well as details on SMS providers that can be used with Message Blaster.

What's included ?
To make sure that each Tupperware Owner gets off to a quick start using Message Blaster we have include support activities to assist you in setup of the system. Included to the purchase price is
    1. Licence for Message Blaster
    2. Consulting Support for 2 hours to assist in any aspect of Message Blaster setup
    3. Advice on SMS and eMail configuration


Click on the "Buy Now" link to purchase "Message Blaster" and you will be directed to our secure payment server to process your transaction. All standard online payment options are accepted including major Credit Cards and PayPal. All costs shown are in $AUD and include GST.

Compatibility Note: Before purchasing one of our Products make sure your system is compatible with our Excel Products
Operating System: Windows Only, no support for MAC OS
Microsoft Office: Office 2007 and above
Enable Macros: All our workbooks require Macro's to be enabled and trusted
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