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We all seem to have very busy lives, whether it be personal, business or both.  To Do List Pro by XLAutomation will eliminate those common feelings of being overwhelmed, missing deadlines, appearing unreliable or unfocused.

Keep track of and prioritise your important tasks by using To Do List Pro and feel the emotional benefits of deleting items off your list, avoiding crisis management and sleep easy.
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Key Features of "To Do List Pro"
We've listened to our users and have now included the following new features to the updated version of To Do List Pro. Combined with the existing features of this great product it is now an even more useful tool to help you get organised.
  1. Change the due date warnings to set them to the number of days you prefer.
  2. Customise the Sort Order...Do you like your list sorted by category, priority or due date? Chose from many sort options.
  3. Configure the Cell Formats for Overdue, Completed and Warning To Do items. Add your favorite colours to your To Do List Pro
  4. Add and Update Category descriptions.
  5. New help section and video tutorials to help you get the most out of your To Do List Pro
The existing features have been revised and improved to simplify and optimise the To Do List.
  1. Delete and Add To Do items with the click of a button
  2. Automated format changes based on Status and Due Date, to give clear indication of Overdue or Upcoming items
  3. When an item is marked as completed it will be sorted to the bottom of the list and reformatted
  4. User defined fields for categories, status and priorities

Time Management Tips and Hints
  1. Use a To Do List - Its quick and easy with To Do List Pro
  2. Set Goals - Knowing your goals gives you vision and direction, helping you manage your time, priorities and resources to achieve those goals.
  3. Prioritise - by prioritising your To Do List you eliminate missing deadlines, crisis management, appearing dis-organised and feeling overwhelmed.
  4. Stop Procrastinating - Once you've prioritised your To Do List stick to it! Putting off doing what you know needs focus now, only creates feelings of guilt and anxiety.

Using "To Do List Pro" by XLAutomation is easy...

Step 1 - simply create a To Do Item in the workbook and specify the category for your To Do
how to use to do list screenshots

Step 2 - Then set the status, priority and due date for the To Do item
how to use to do list screenshots

Step 3 - Simply click "Update To Do List" and your items current status will be recalculated. Each time you open the To Do List the status of all items will be recalculated based on the current date.

To Do Items marked with the following format have their Due Date near the Current Date. The calculation for these items uses the number of days specified for Due Date Warning Days on the reference worksheet.
to do list pro pending

To Do Items marked with the following format are Overdue
to do list pro overdue

To Do Items marked with the following format have been Completed 
to do list pro completed

You can now vary these formats to suit your own preference using the Configuration function of To Do List Pro. 

Why should I use "To Do List Pro" instead of any other reminder tool ?
  1. All your To Do items are stored in a single location that is easy to access and update.
  2. No need to trawl through separate entries to change and update your To Do items, using Excel as your To Do List means you can update dates for all your overdue items with a single change.
  3. Excel is a familiar application to many computer users and does not require any training or instructions.
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