Free Spreadsheets

The XLAutomation team develop hundreds of Excel workbooks every year either as part of a project for a client or as a solution to a question posted by one of our website visitors. If we think it could be useful to others we will post it here for free download.

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Share your ideas with us
We are open to suggestions. What tool or calculator have you always wanted to build but just don't have the time or skills to develop it.  Share your ideas in the comments below and we will do our best to respond to all suggestions and provide more free spreadsheets that can make a real difference for you. 

If you have example files or other information you want to share to support your suggestion then use our Suggestion File Upload form to send through those files and comments.

Current rankings for the suggested Free Spreadsheets
As voted by our website visitors the Free Spreadsheet suggestions that will be next on our list are ranked below. Have your say and use the voting form at the bottom of this page to promote your favourite suggestion to the top of the page. For details on each of the suggestions listed in the rankings refer to the short descriptions in the voting form.

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