Booking Template

A simple booking template workbook to manage the bookings for a business. The system allows you to add, edit and delete bookings. A calendar provides instant access to future bookings to assist in future bookings and planning.

Current Version 0.2

  • The ability to add, edit, delete bookings.
  • Set the colour of a booking – this works based on the type which you can set up in the Booking Type worksheet. Just change the colour and it will change in the Booking worksheet.
  •  Fix up the formatting.
  •  Fix any validation errors and other issues.
  •  Allow the view to expand to more than a 2 week view.
  •  Ability to add rooms

Click on the "Download" button to download the current prototype to your workstation and then follow the installation instructions below

Download Installation File

Installing the workbook

  1. Uninstall the previous version of the software or else the workbook will not work. This can be done in Add/Remove Programs and is called Booking Manager and the Publisher is XLAutomation. 
  2. If there are any issues at any stage let us know.
  3. The downloaded zip file will need to be download and unzipped.
  4. The zip file will contain the following files.
  5. Click on the setup file which will begin the installation.
  6. You may or may not see the following when you install the setup file (There may be some prerequisites that are needed during the installation process and different versions of Office will have a slightly different installation process.) Click Yes and accept the download and install of prerequisites. It will find it all without you having to do anything. This may take a while but once you have done it you will never have to do it again. The files come directly from Microsoft and are a set of files which a lot of other programs do use.)
  7. The install may open up the following window. This just shows that the software is not tampered with and comes directly from XL Automation.
  8. Click install. The following will show it has been successfully installed.
  9. The file "Booking Manager v0.1.xlsm" is now ready to use.
  10. You can copy the file and place it anywhere on your computer and it will work. You can also create copies and they will all work as long as they are opened on your computer that you have installed the setup on.