Calculation Template

This page provides access to the current version of the Calculation Template workbook and any associated information

Current Version 1.3

The following fixes have been included to this update

  • Inclusion to the Quote Invoice "Regards" section
  • Setup Quote to use the Sales Rep on the Quote to the "Regards" section on the Quote Invoice
  • Included a new copy of the QPrint Logo

To access the Calculation Template click on the Download button below and save the "Quote Calculation Template" file to your workstation. Once you have saved a copy of the workbook on your workstation copy it to the Server location that has been setup to run the Quote process. 

Click on the "Download" button to download the current version to your workstation

Download Installation File

Previous Version Updates

Version 1.2

The following fixes have been included to this update

  • A fix so that the "Cover" only appears when the cover is specified on the Quote
  • Quantity has been included to the Quote for the Finishes
  • Some explanation of how the Source and Paper Size table is used within the Quote

Setup in your Environment

Step 1: Copy to your File Server

Once you have downloaded the file to your workstation then you need to copy it to the Server location that is going to be used by your staff. So use Windows Explorer to navigate to the Server location and copy the downloaded "Quote Calculation Template" file to that that location.

Note: It is likely that previous versions will exist in that directory

Step 2: Update Shortcut
Now if you have a Shortcut on your workstation for "Quote Calculation Template" then we need to update this so that it opens the updated version of the workbook on the Server. You have two (2) options here

Option 1 - Create a new Shortcut
For this one you can Right Click on the "Quote Calculation Template" workbook on the Server and select "Create Shortcut" it will create a Shortcut in the directory on the Server. Then you simply move that Shortcut to your workstation and anyone else's workstation that will be accessing the "Quote Calculation Template" workbook

Option 2 - Update the existing Shortcut
Access the Shortcut on your workstation and then right click on it, select Properties. Then in the Target field you need to change the location of the workbook to be the same as the file we need to access. This should be as simple as changing the version of the Template to be used.