Your 'Go To' for Custom Excel Solutions

Customer Support

We care about our customers, and believe this is reflected in our level of commitment to provide you with excellent support when you need it.

Customer can count on

1: Consulting Support for clients we have completed an Excel consulting project for. Either the development of a custom Excel spreadsheet or application solution for their business, or a request for improvements to a clients existing spreadsheet.

1: Product Support for clients who have purchased one of our Excel Products and require support. For each product we provide instructions, tips and guidance to assist you, the ability to ask a question, or access more support if needed.


Consulting Support


  • Resolve an issue or problem reported
  • Get additional training for staff
  • Extend the capabilities with additional enhancements to your spreadsheet or application. 

Product Support


  • Access to help & videos
  • Ask a question on the forum
  • Help with installation & setup
  • Customise a product with enhancements to increase its effectiveness for your business