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Consulting Support

High priority is placed on support when needed for clients we have completed an Excel Consulting project for. Our aim is to exceed your expectations when you need a fix, change or wish to expand on your original project.

Consulting Support...we are here to help

Most of the spreadsheets we develop for customers are part of Projects. A customer will come to us with a request for an improvement to an existing spreadsheet or an idea they have to optimise something in their business. We then analyse, develop and implement a solution that meets the requirements for the customer.

Our Customer Support doesn't end there. After project implementation we continue to provide One Months Free Support. This is to ensure any issues or problems not identified (within the original scope) during the project development are resolved.
After this free support period we offer paid Consulting Support options that can be accessed via the following form.

Paid Consulting Support - when extra help is needed

Often our clients use the solutions we have developed for them for some time then decide to include additional functionality to enhance its capabilities and increase its usefulness to their business.  


Sometimes a problem may occur many weeks later during a specific aspect of the business, like end of month processing that needs to be resolved. Or you may want to incorporate other aspects of your business process into the application that has been developed.  


This is where you may want to access our Paid Consulting Support which includes:


  • Access to an experienced and professional Excel Development Consultant. 
  • Email support, and if required direct phone support.
  • Screen sharing sessions to step through the problem to get a quick solution.

Setup & Configuration

  • Workbook configuration & setup
  • Reformat source data
  • Create reference data for lookups 
  • Configuration with other services will be setup to work using your account details of any related services.

Support Agreement

Clients we have developed more complex solutions for, like an Excel Application that becomes fundamental to their day to day business operations we recommend considering a Support Agreement to ensure your investment is maintained and continues to provide value for your business.


A Support Agreement is like an insurance policy for your application. In the event that you need to resolve an issue, that support request would need to be assessed, estimated, and allocated to a consultant to address. At busy times our consultants may be fully allocated to new project and / or support requests with clients that have a Support agreement in place.


Having a Support Agreement in place gives you a guaranteed level of service and rapid response to your requests for support and also provides for reduced hourly rates when additional work is required on your application.

Why do I need a Support Agreement ?

Many of our clients question why they need support. The project is finished and their testing has found all the problems and they have been resolved.


Our experience has shown that even the most thoroughly tested applications can have problems when used in a “real” environment. It may not happen immediately after the completion of a project and could be many weeks later that the problem is reported. It could be some aspect of end of month processing or the need to incorporate other aspects of your business process into the application that has been developed.


At these times when the application is part of your business process you need access to Support and you need that Support to respond and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. With a support plan from XLAutomation you can guarantee your business is covered for these potential risks.