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Product Support

We value you as an XLAutomation customer, and are here to help. All Excel products created by our development team are supported by a number of help options to choose from when support is needed.

Product Support...Help when you need it

Help Guidance and Video's

Most of our customers find our products simple to use and very intuitive, usually requiring little or no instructions. But if you do need help with your product the help guidance and video's would be your first port of call.


For each product we provide instructions, tips and guidance designed to assist you in getting the most from your product as quickly as possible. If you are unsure on how to achieve something with your product, then you can use this help resource to search for a specific term your needing help with and find the relevant instructions.

Demonstration of the Share Trade Tracker Help Site. Each of the XLAutomation products has detailed instructions for getting the most out of your spreadsheet

Ask a Question on our Forums

While our products are put through rigorous testing, sometimes feature issues can occur in specific situations and environments, if this is the case we invite you to make use of our Forum. Our consultants regularly check the forum and will reply to any questions that have not been answered.  


The forum is a community of our product users who enjoy helping each other out. Ask the forum a specific question, or consult the community to see if anyone else has encountered the same issue with their product to get quick solutions.




  • Our community of product users who enjoy helping each other out
  • Read member discussions on how they get the most out 0f using their product

Product Consulting Support - when you need more help

This service provides customers with the ability to request support from our consulting team. You may need this support for installation assistance, or setup and configuration. Or if you want to customise your product with enhancements or improvements to optimise it for your own business. Choose from one of the product consulting options below. 


Installation & Setup Support

  • Installation and setup support including transferring your current information
  • Workbook configuring for use in your environment
  • Screen sharing to step through the main functions and how best to use your product

Customise a Product Support

  • Customising your product for your business by adding functions to improve its capability. 
  • Includes review and consultations about your requirements and changes.
  • Confirm the effort involved, cost estimate for approval, develop & delivery for testing.