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What is an Excel Dashboard?

A dashboard is usually a single pageview of reports comprising of charts, tables and other summaries of data that provide a high-level visual overview of your business.

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Financial Spreadsheet

Mortgage Broker Commission


The challenge for this project was to deliver a quick and easy method to validate that the commissions being paid to mortgage brokers were correct. Different brokers were on different commission arrangements and some allowance for initial and ongoing payments was required.

The ability to identify missing commission payments or over payments was critical for the client.

How we help with Dashboards?


The solution involved an Excel workbook designed to first import the raw data from monthly bank statements.


Once imported this data was consolidated for each mortgage broker & the calculations period to check the commission paid matched the expected commissions for the brokers arrangement.

The ability to see commission totals on a month to month basis was crucial as this identified under or over payments on a mortgage basis and for a broker.

Outcome & Benefits

  • This solution delivered significant time saving for the client

  • Removed the need for manual validation across a large number of mortgage brokers.

  • The identification of over and under payments ensured that the brokers were paid in accordance with their arrangement.

  • The reporting and analysis from the consolidated data provided a quick and simple method to measure monthly performance for the business and identified high and low performing brokers.

Video Demo - Commission Check

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