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Free Spreadsheets that demonstrate the capability and possibilities that spreadsheet development by XLAutomation can deliver.

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The XLAutomation team develop hundreds of Excel workbooks every year either as part of a project for a client or as a solution to a question posted by one of our website visitors. If we think it could be useful to others we will post it here for free download.

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Next free spreadsheets on our list

1. Position Size Calculator

A workbook that allows traders to calculate the position size for given amount of Cash, Number of Positions and the most recent Close Price. Traders can then quickly determine how many shares for each position need to be bought. The calculator will include brokerage costs

2. Trade Alerts

A spreadsheet to provide alerts for positions that have breached take profit or loss conditions for a trade. Basic alerting to be included will be based on a percentage for Take Profit / Stop Loss. Cell formatting will be used to "alert" when a trade has breached a condition.

3. To Do List Template

A spreadsheet to schedule and track all those things you need to get done. This can be a list of work items or a list of things that need to be done before you go on a holiday. The spreadsheet will include formatting to indicate late items and items that need to be completed in the next few days.

4. Risk Analysis

A template that can be used for risk assessments. Automated probability and likelihood rankings are plotted to a "heat map" to indicate risks for mitigation. The risks are spreadsheet across categories or departments to then provide an organisation overview.

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