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What are Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google. 


Google Sheets are a powerful and versatile way to organise and calculate data in a cloud based spreadsheet environment with the ability to share data and collaborate with your colleagues. 

How Can Our Google Sheets Experts Help?

The simplicity of Google Sheets is appealing, but they also have the capability to add some pretty impressive extensions that if used in the right way can be a very powerful tool for business. This is where we can help.

Our Google Sheets Consultants are experts in the use of Google Apps Script, a cloud based scripting language to write programs that extend Google Sheets functionality. 


For example we can customise your Google Sheets by adding menus, dialogs and sidebars. If you work with numbers or any kind of data sets our Google Sheet Experts can write a custom calculation function to do all the work for you!

One of the key focus area's of all our Google Sheet projects is Automation. At the end of the day our aim is to have your Google Sheets perform all tasks with minimum effort. The result saving valuable hours, reduced errors and ultimately leading to increased productivity!



Top 3 Advantages of Google Sheets


 The Google Sheets "Share" feature makes sharing your spreadsheet to anyone in your organisation quick and simple. Your can also select ranges and restrict editing rights to certain people.


The Google Sheets user-friendly interface for collaborating completely changes the way you can work today! Editing a spreadsheet live with other colleagues is a powerful and productive way of working.



Google Sheets auto saves and stores your documents in the cloud every time you make a change, so you never have to worry about losing new data if your computer crashes.

Google Sheets Automation

Automation of your Google Sheets is probably the most important & beneficial ways our Google Sheet Experts can assist you.


Our team will use their experience and skills working with the powerful Google Apps Script tool to automate workflows and repetitive tasks, saving you valuable time. 

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