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What is an Excel Dashboard?

A dashboard is usually a single pageview of reports comprising of charts, tables and other summaries of data that provide a high-level visual overview of your business.

Constuction Worker

Job Booking

Concrete Construction


The organisation of booking activities for a large number of jobs underway at any given time was problematic for this client. 


Struggling with a paper based system of job cards and manual tracking of status meant double bookings of activities for the team. This lead to client frustration as the planned completion dates were not met.

Another challenge was no consolidated reporting across jobs and activities underway. The ability to see a daily and monthly snapshot of the upcoming work was a key requirement for this project.

How we help with Dashboards?


This solution was delivered using Excel workbooks. The first workbook was a Job Booking template used to capture the details of the job and the specific activities for that job, the date on which it was to be performed and the supplier. The second was the Job Control workbook and consolidated the job booking details into a central location for the snapshot reports.

The key functionality for the Job Booking solution was:

  • Job Booking template to capture the job details and forecast dates

  • Job Control for consolidation of the job booking details

  • Routine to consolidate the job booking details

  • Monthly snapshot of the planned activities for all jobs.

Outcome & Benefits

  • Brought an instant level of control & organisation to the business that previously didn't exist.

  • The business saved considerable time using the snapshot of the activities.

  • The ability to quickly and easily update the activities for jobs brought additional benefits as changes to timeframes in one job could be seen as impacts to existing jobs.

  • Forward planning improvements enabled the team to resolve conflicts and job on-time completion rates increased.

Video Demo - Job Booking 

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