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Job Scheduling


This Kitchen Design business was manually looking for suitable time slots for new jobs and were having difficulty editing a job once it had been manually scheduled. The main problem was their standard job timeline was split between the back office, workshop and installation activities.

This also caused communication problems between the three departments regarding resourcing and time allocations which wasted time.


The solution was to create an easy to read calendar that showed all activities across the three departments for staff to work from. Automated calculation of job activities based on existing jobs, upcoming holidays were included and a set of specific rules for some activities that could only be scheduled for particular days of the week.

A series of reports were created to track jobs for completion, and the activities were transferred into the colour coded calendar to show which activities were allocated to each department


The client reported considerable time saving from the automation to calculate the next available time slot for a new job along with the quick recalculations when changes to activities took place.

The team communicated and worked together better with the ability for everyone to quickly see what has to be done when and by who.

The tracking of jobs from start to completion became more efficient. They also reported a higher rate of deadlines achieved for clients mainly due to the reduction of double booking slots for activities.


Video Demo

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