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About Our Excel Spreadsheet Services 

The XLAutomation team are experts in Excel Spreadsheet Development. We can fix and update your existing spreadsheet or develop a new one from scratch customised to meet your business requirements.

Projects range from simple Excel Spreadsheets to an entire complex process including data entry, calculations and reporting.

We understand how fundamental your Excel Spreadsheets are to the smooth running of your business. This is why our Excel Spreadsheet Development team pride ourselves on ensuring your spreadsheets are developed to run efficiently for you at all times with maximum automation.

Examples of our Spreadsheet Development

Below are some examples of custom Excel Spreadsheets developed for our clients. Click an image for more information.


“XLAutomation are the go to consultants for customising Excel to work exponentially better for your business. We have achieved cost savings and time efficiencies from using their Excel Consulting Service.”

Andrew Cowan
Managing Director, Redrock

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