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What is an Excel Dashboard?

A dashboard is usually a single pageview of reports comprising of charts, tables and other summaries of data that provide a high-level visual overview of your business.

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Personal Training Tracker

Personal Fitness


This client wanted to create a step by step process to capture the personal fitness and health objectives of their clients. The process needed to be user friendly and at the end create a visual personal fitness card that the client could take away. This fitness card was used to track, report and measure progress on the objective achievements.

The challenge for this project was to create a user interface that could be used by the personal trainer and the client to save time for the personal trainer and to present the options available to the client as each component was completed.

How we help with Dashboards?


The solution was the development of an Excel workbook application which used a guided form to step the user through the process to capture their personal fitness and health objectives.


Each of the steps in the guided process was supported by user interface components to ensure the client was able to quickly and easily make selections to complete the data entry. Calculations were included in parts of the process to determine measurements of weight or food intake to give a clear picture of what objectives were being set.

The key functionality included to the Personal Training Tracker were: 

  • Guided Excel Form to capture and record personal fitness and health objectives

  • Calculated fields to provide visual feedback on objectives

  • Automated template population to create the personal training card

Outcome & Benefits

The spreadsheet delivered on the main objective to provide a user friendly interface to capture and record the training details for the clients. It saved time for the personal trainer and increased confidence in the process for the client as they were able to see the logical and scientific basis used by the personal trainer in the creation of the personal training program.

The ability to easily adjust a program for a client was a major benefit as this ensured that minor changes were quickly made and a new personal training card produced. In the past changes to a clients training card would normally be made by hand written updates to the printed card which can easily be lost as the cards are used throughout the training sessions.

Video Demo - Personal Training Tracker 

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