An Excel Database Consultant can help with data sharing among users across your company. 

Why do I need a an Excel Database Consultant?


Excel has the features and functions to create a simple database for a small number of users.


You can create a dataset of information and then define it as a table. From that point you can connect the table to reports and forms to query and maintain the data.

For simple cases storing your data in an Excel Table can work, but in many cases you want to share data among your team and be able to update and change the data at the same time while maintaining the integrity of the information. This is when our Excel Database Consultants can help.

Simple Excel Database

A simple Excel Database table

Can an Excel Database Share Data ?

Yes although a simple Excel table can't deliver what is needed in terms of data sharing, it is possible to move the data to a database while retaining the use of Excel.


We use our Excel development skills to help clients by moving them to a formal database (eg Microsoft SQL) to store their data. These Excel applications interact with a database allowing them to share data across users within the company. 



Screen shots of a Data Sharing Excel Database 

See below screen shots of an example of one of those applications we recently developed, using Excel as the "front-end" and Microsoft SQL as the "back-end". This approach has allowed the client to retain its use of the Excel functionality while being able to share the data across multiple users in the company at the same time. 

For more details of this type of database application see our Job Management Case Study

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