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What is an Excel Application? 

Excel Applications are much more than a simple spreadsheet. They are developed using VBA (Visual Basic Applications) the Microsoft programming language to include enhanced usability, maximum automation and the full power of Excels reporting capabilities to gain a deeper analytical understanding of your business.


Ask us how we can help take your spreadsheets to the next level with an application today! 



Examples of Excel Application Features 

Our customers are often amazed at what can be achieved using Microsoft Excel. The Applications we develop become fundamental to their business operations. The example below shows an Excel userform in action.

Personal training tracker example Excel Application. Shows an Excel userform and other application features in action

View a video case study of an an Excel Application we developed for a client. This gives a good visual view of what's possible in terms of a forms based application and guiding people through the information. 

Or contact us now if you are ready to discuss your requirements and start the process

Excel  Applications = Automation 

Our XLAutomation team of experienced software developers use their Excel VBA programming skills to include automation to your Excel Application. We turn complex or repetitive manual tasks that usually take hours to complete into automated processes that can be achieved in seconds.  

These automations can replace time consuming inefficient procedures in your business to reduce errors and increase productivity. 


“XLAutomation are the go to consultants for customising Excel to work exponentially better for your business. We have achieved cost savings and time efficiencies from using their Excel Consulting Service.”

Andrew Cowan
Managing Director, Redrock

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