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Excel Consulting

At XLAutomation we specialise in building custom Excel solutions to work smarter for businesses of all sizes.


Our team of experienced Australian Excel Consultants are dedicated to helping you achieve cost savings while increasing efficiency.  

Our Services

Our Excel Consulting experts are qualified in VBA Programming, Google Scripting, Spreadsheet and Applications development and Excel automation, providing solutions to your data and spreadsheet needs. 

Excel Consulting

Our Excel Consulting service makes sure your technology is assisting your business today and supports future growth. We assess your process, suggest areas of improvement and finally develop what's needed to make those changes to help you increase efficiency and streamline your workflow.

Excel Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets can be fundamental to the smooth running of your business. We can fix / update existing spreadsheets, build

simple spreadsheets or develop

& design an entire complex process.    

Excel Applications

Much more than a simple spreadsheet. Increase navigation speed and data accuracy with custom menus, toolbars, multi-list boxes, drop down menus, dialog boxes & more. .

Excel Dashboards

Give your team the tools to measure & present critical data summarised  on a single pageview for quick performance reviews. Save time with interactive charts updated automatically.  

Excel Databases

Streamline your business process with a shared database. Allow multiple user access from one place. See data updated in real time & generate reports for business analysis. 

Google Sheets

Google Sheets are great for team collaboration. Edit spreadsheets live with other colleagues across

multiple devices from anywhere. Our experts are ready to help.    


“XLAutomation are the go to consultants for customising Excel to work exponentially better for your business. We have achieved cost savings and time efficiencies from using their Excel Consulting Service.”

Andrew Cowan
Managing Director, Redrock

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