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What is an Excel Dashboard?

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List Management

Car Club Membership Workflow


This Car Clubs volunteers were facing increased administration workload due to the fast growth rate of new memberships. Their current system of paper memberships was slow and time consuming for the volunteers who had to transfer the information manually from these forms into a word document membership list. It was also open to data entry errors. 


The payment system for both new memberships and the renewals was taken via eft payments or people sending cheques. This was also time consuming as the volunteer staff had to check the bank account records for payment or even take a trip to the bank to deposit cheque payments. 

How we help with Dashboards?


The solution was a customised automated workflow to capture members details, take payment, update their records and provide automated ongoing communication.


We made use of Jotform and MailChimp, two subscription based integrations. We created a custom membership form in Jotform to add to the Clubs website which allowed visitors to complete a new membership application or renew their membership and pay the relevant fees online. 

The website membership form collects personal details, information and photos of new members vehicles. The new members are automatically added to the membership list using the MailChimp integration and the car photos are stored in Jotform. The financial status for new members or renewed members is automatically updated to their profile.   

We also set up a MailChimp email marketing workflow for new members and renewals. This means that once a person completes the new member form including payment, an automated "Welcome New Member" email is generated and sent. This includes the persons Club membership number and other important information. When a current member renews they are also sent a "Renewal Confirmation" email. 

Outcome & Benefits

  • This solution delivered significant time saving by replacing the manual paper based system with the new automated workflow.

  • Member lists are kept up to date and error free. 

  • The online payment system via the membership form has made it easier for both the club volunteer staff and the members to manage their financial status. 

  • The number of questions to the club phone line and email that the volunteers had to find time to reply to has reduced significantly with better communication via the email marketing automation.

  • With over 3000 individual members and 100 club members this change to an automated workflow was crucial in allowing the club to continue with the membership growth rate while not compromising on their level of service.  

List Management Testimonal

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