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What is an Excel Dashboard?


Risk Register

Organisational Restructure


The challenge presented by this client was the ability to focus on risks that are most likely to impact the success of a business change initiative.


They were taking on a large organisational restructure and needed to ensure that risks were captured and then monitored for likelihood and impact as the change program progressed.

The key request for this project was the ability to measure the initial risk rating across components of the change program to create and implement treatment actions so that the risks were reduced.

How we help with Dashboards?


The Risk Register solutions key functions included:

  • Capture initial risk assessment across multiple categories

  • Calculated risk rating based on risk assessment criteria

  • Capture risk treatment / action and calculate residual risk assessment

  • Heat Map chart of risks across categories

The following steps are used in the risk register process: 

1/ Risks are captured in a basic table with assessments made for the following categories:

  • priority

  • consequence

  • time commitment

  • confidence

  • frequency. .


​2/ A risk rating is calculated based on each of the above measurements.

​3/ A "risk" and "likelihood" rating is calculated & plotted on the table to indicate if a risk presented concerns that needed the attention of the change program.

4/ The risk treatment / actions are documented to address the risk identified. The intention of each action is to reduce the impact or likelihood of the risk.

5/ These are assessed again and a "residual" rating calculated for the risk.

6/ Finally a Heat Map displayed the risks that present the greatest "risk" to the change program.

Outcome & Benefits

  • Simple & Easy way to manage the list of risks for the change program

  • Automation of the calculations based on risk assessment criteria saved hours of effort.

  • The Heat Map provided a quick visual of risks that present the greatest
    "risk" to the change program, ensuring those risks were first to be treated.  

Video Demo - Risk Register 

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